A Different Kind of Campaign; A Different Kind of Candidate

Thank you for visiting my campaign website.  I hope you stay long enough to learn a little about me and what I stand for.

I served our country for 24 years while on active duty in the Navy and the Marine Corps.  During that time, I learned how to work together with people of all backgrounds and political perspectives to meet common goals.  Now that my military service is complete, I want to continue serving our state.

Like many of you, I have become increasingly frustrated by the failure of our political class to address the problems facing our state.  Despite this frustration, I still believe that we can solve our problems by bringing humility, honesty, and an unbiased perspective to the table. 

This will be a different type of campaign.  I am a newcomer to the Illinois political landscape.  I don't have a political patron sponsoring my candidacy and I don't have favors to call in.  We will have to rely on volunteers who are fed up with the current state of affairs and willing to give their time and effort to disrupt the status quo.  

My goal with this website is to let you know as quickly and efficiently as possible who I am, what I've done, and how I'll serve you.  You will not find another candidate with a more diverse legal background than me.  My attorney work experience ranges from helping young Marines with consumer fraud and family law to litigating rape cases and advising the Iraqi prosecutors in the Saddam Trial.  More important than my past jobs, I'll bring an outsider's perspective to the Office of the Attorney General and watch out for the people of Illinois, not the political insiders and special interest groups.  

I hope you'll appreciate my candor and join me in changing the political landscape in Illinois.



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