6 Reasons to Pick Paul in 2016

Between now and the election, the campaign is going to announce a series of reasons why the voters should entrust me to be their State Senator rather than Sheila Simon. We are calling this program, "Six Reasons to Pick Paul in 2016." We will be counting  from #6 down to #1 - David Letterman style. By November 8th, the people of the 58th State Senate District will have the ability to make a bright-line choice between two very different candidates for State Senate.  

Please click on the links below to view the press releases.  

Reason #6: Paul will be the Strongest Advocate for the Southern Illinois Coal Industry

Reason #5: Paul will be a Pro-Life Vote in Springfield

Reason #4:  Paul Supports Economic Reforms to Make Illinois More Competitive

Reason #3: Paul will be a Strong Supporter of the Second Amendment 

Reason #2: Springfield needs a Lieutenant Colonel, not a Lieutenant Governor

Reason #1: Paul is an Independent Leader for Southern Illinois



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