A New Start for Illinois

Paul & Carolyn's “A New Start for Illinois” plan calls for:

  • Ending predatory tax practices.  Our proposed “No Tax On Tax” Constitutional Amendment that would prohibit governments from charging sales tax (or any percentage-based tax) on taxes and fees.
  • Passage of a constitutional amendment clarifying that parents, not the government, determine their children’s education and healthcare.
  • Make “Curriculum Transparency” a requirement for any receipt of state P-12 education funding.
  • More protection for law enforcement.  Under our plan, law enforcement (including corrections officers) and first responders are a protected class under Illinois Hate Crimes Law.
  • Reducing administrative agency overreach.  Emergency administrative regulations and any administrative regulations that increase or create fees and penalties require an affirmative 7-member approval vote from JCAR in order to become effective.
  • Fundamental property tax reform by protecting homeowners from assessment increases.  Under our plan, assessors may only increase property value assessments upon legal transfer of the property or a change in the property’s zoning.

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