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In 2005, Paul reported to Marine Corps Air Station Miramar as the Deputy Counsel, working primarily on issues of labor law and environmental law.  He also deployed to Iraq where he served as the lead American attorney advisor to the Iraqi prosecutors in the trial of Saddam Hussein.  Under Paul’s guidance, the Iraqi prosecutors were able to induce a remarkable courtroom confession where Saddam admitted culpability in the massacre of hundreds of Iraqi civilians. 

In 2007, the Marine Corps selected Paul for its congressional fellowship program and he served as the Military Legislative Assistant (MLA) for Representative John Kline (R-MN).  As the MLA, Paul was the primary advisor to Congressman Kline on defense and veteran issues.  After completing his time on Capitol Hill, Paul began work for the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy.  In this assignment, Paul served as the Strategist for Energy and Environment, assessing the impact of these critical issues on our national security.  During this time, Paul frequently represented the DoD in both interagency and international meetings on these issues, even moderating a panel discussion at the United Nations climate change negotiations in Mexico during 2010. 

In 2011, Paul became the Staff Judge Advocate for Marine Corps Installations Command, advising a two-star commanding general on diverse legal issues ranging from the constitutionality of religious memorials on federal land to the disposition of officer misconduct cases.  

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