Demand Decency Petition

On July 22, 2020, Governor Pritzker referred to Illinois citizens who disagree with his mask policy as "the enemy." If you you agree that this type of language is not appropriate, add your name to our Demand Decency letter below.


Governor Pritzker,

We believe that people of goodwill can vigorously disagree over policies, but still remain friends.  In fact, the ability to treat each other with decency and respect is critical for our state to continue to function.  We agree with President Abraham Lincoln when he famously stated, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

That’s why we were disappointed to hear you use the term “enemy” when referring to people in Illinois who disagree with your mask mandate.  This type of inflammatory rhetoric does not make people more likely to wear a mask.  Instead, it only deepens unfortunate divisions that already exist in our state and country.

We respectfully ask that you and your staff refrain from using this term in the future when you talk about your constituents, the people of Illinois.  We realize that other politicians besides you have used inflammatory language.  That prior wrong doesn’t make it appropriate for you to demean your constituents and we hope you will do better in the future.


Senator Paul Schimpf 

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