Emergency Powers Amendment

JB Pritzker believes that his "emergency" powers as Illinois Governor allow him to close businesses and schools for an unlimited duration of time.  Unfortunately, the Democratic leaders of the Illinois General Assemby have done nothing to limit the powers of Governor Pritzker and his administrative agencies.  It is up to the citizens of Illinois to demand adoption of a constitutional amendment that will adequately define what constitutes an emergency and limit its duration.  Sign the petition below and demand that a constitutional amendment be placed on the ballot in 2022 to limit executive emergency powers.

We the undersigned respectfully request that a constitutional amendment be placed on the general election ballot in November of 2022 to clarify and limit the scope of power exercised by the Illinois Governor during declared disasters and emergencies.  The constitutional amendment should state that the Illinois General Assembly may end a governor's disaster proclamation with a simple majority vote in both chambers.  Additionally, the constitutional amendment should state the Illinois Governor may not extend or issue subsequent disaster proclamations for the same event or circumstances.  Instead, disaster proclamations may only be extended or reviewed by a majority vote in both chambers of the General Assembly. 

We seek a constitutional amendment that will require the Illinois Governor to partner with the Illinois General Assembly during future disaster situations.  This amendment will not hinder the governor's ability to issue initial disaster proclamations.  It will, however, require the Governor to consult with legislators if he or she wishes to extend his emergency powers beyond their initial duration.

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