Paul & Carolyn are proud to announce endorsements from the following individuals:

Aavang, Michele   McHenry County Board member        
Albracht, Bill   Former Illinois Senate candidate        
Bean, Chris   Former Jefferson County Republican Chair        
Bishop, Liz   Deputy State Central Committee member        
Bloom, Bill   Former Rock Island County Republican Chair          
Borchsenius, Charles   LaSalle County Board member          
Borgsmiller, Becky   Trustee, John A Logan College          
Bost, Danny   Jackson County Board Member          
Bullard, Jeff   Jefferson County Sheriff          
Bullard, Mike   Mayor of Bluford            
Bryant, Terri   Illinois Senator, 58th District          
Bulkeley, Harry   Former Knox County judge          
Campos, Gloria   Former Chair of Republican Nat'l Hispanic Assembly, former Jackson County Republican Chair
Caveletto, John   Former Illinois state representative        
Cockrell, Ed   St. Clair County Board member          
Cushman, Gina   Former Perry County Republican Chair        
DaRosa, Ron   Former President of Village of Glen Ellyn        
Davis, Kelton   Regional Superintendent of Schools, ROE#45      
Dethrow, Wanda   Randolph County Republican Chair        
Dittmar, Mike   Mayor of Elizabeth, Jo Daviess County Republican Chair    
Doerr, Ray   Former Jackson County Chair          
Erbes, Andrew   Jackson County Board member          
Fallon, Lisa   Monroe County Circuit Clerk          
Gerlach, Andy   Mayor of Steeleville          
Green, George   Monroe County Commissioner          
Hamilton, Sue   Illinois Federation of Republican Women Vice President, former Williamson County Chair
Hancock, Ray   Former President and Trustee at John A Logan College      
Henson, Bill     Marion County Board member      
Hill, Bob     Mayor of Columbia, Monroe County Coroner      
Holmes, Renee   Former Williamson County Republican Chair      
Holt, Mark   Former Jackson County Republican Chair        
Hunter, Stan   Union County Republican Chair          
Jany-Carnahan, Julie   Randolph County Circuit Clerk          
Johnson, Melanie   Randolph County Clerk          
Jones, Jeremy   Montgomery County Board member          
Kelly, Bobby   Perry County Clerk            
Kempfer, Kenny   Evansville Village President  
Kiehna, Marc   Randolph County Commissioner, former regional superintendent of schools  
Koenigstein, Kevin   Monroe County Treasurer          
Koerber, Vicki   Monroe County Commissioner, former county coroner    
Koester, Jodi   Perry County Treasurer          
Knobloch, Dennis   Monroe County Commissioner, former county clerk, former mayor of Valmeyer
Kraft, Mary Jane   Former Perry County Treasurer        
Kuhn, Steve   Former DeKalb County Republican Chair        
Lewis, John   Mayor of Mount Vernon          
Luechtefeld, David   Former Illinois state senator          
Lynch, Allen   Medal of Honor recipient          
McLean, Ed   Monroe County Republican Chair        
McLean, Jon   Monroe County Clerk          
Meisenheimer, Lance Union County Clerk            
Moffitt, Don   Former Illinois state representative        
Morgenstern, Bruce   Perry County Commissioner, former Perry County Republican Chair  
Nelson, Kathy   Henry County Commissioner        
Phillips, Jan   Jackson County Board Member        
Reiman, Shaun   Former Mayor of Ava        
Robb, Sam   Former Perry County Commissioner        
Robbins, Rick   Montgomery County Sheriff          
Rodely, Bruce   Perry County Republican Chair          
Rohlfing, Neal   Monroe County Sheriff          
Schlimme, Jason   Mayor of Sparta            
Smith, Johnnie   Blissville Township Trustee            
Smith, Tom   Mayor of Waterloo            
Stare, Eric   Elgin Township Trustee      
Steffen, Mike   Former Rock Island County Republican County Chair      
Stumpf, Alan   Former Monroe County States Attorney          
Tourville, John   Former Jackson County Republican Chair          
Vernier, Jim   Former Mayor of Shiloh          
Viviano, Barb   State Central Committee member         
Watt, Bob   Jefferson County Treasurer          
White, Ronnie   Randolph County Commissioner          
Winn, Randy   Jefferson County Republican Chair          
Wolff, Shannon   Randolph County Sheriff          
Wright, Fayrene   Crawford County Clerk/Recorder          
Wuertz, Carl   Monroe County Assessor          

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