Paul on the Issues

Responsible Government

Government that governs best is government that governs least.  Local decision makers, who have the best information and are accountable and accessible to their constituents should be empowered to set local policy.  Illinois state government must keep its promises, but still live within its means.  A government has no right to increase taxes unless it has first exhausted all efforts to reduce spending.

Safe Families

More than any other reason, government exists to help us safeguard our loved ones.  Our law enforcement families, who make sacrifices every day, represent what is best about America.  We must empower parents to protect their children, knowing that the savings they work hard to accumulate will be passed to their families--not to the government.  I recognize that the power to tax is the power to destroy and I realize that reckless state spending leads to unaffordable property taxes.  The right of parents to control their children's health and education is also fundamental.  Parents and local school board members should control P-12 education, not bureaucrats or politicians in Springfield. 

Economic Growth Through Capitalism

Economic growth is the key to our state and nation's prosperity.  The private sector, not the government, is the primary engine of economic growth.  Our Illinois government, however, must set the conditions that will allow businesses to thrive.  Our state desperately needs workers' compensation reform and the stability associated with a balanced budget.  I believe in an "all of the above" energy policy where our state develops all of its energy resources without the government picking winners and losers.