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The war against law enforcement and their families is picking up. On September 12th, a gunman walked up to a parked law enforcement vehicle, shooting two deputies multiple times in Compton, California. Even more horrifying, a mob of radicals tried to rush the hospital that was providing medical care to the fallen officers, shouting "we hope they die." I can think of no greater hatred than the targeting of our law enforcement personnel and intimidating their families simply because they choose to serve us.

At the beginning of the 101st General Assembly, I filed legislation (SB 1486) that would add law enforcement personnel and other first responders to the class individuals that receive "hate crimes" protection. Despite picking up bipartisan sponsorship, the bill is still languishing in the Senate Assignments Committee and is not scheduled to receive a vote.

In light of the multiple attacks on our law enforcement personnel, the need for this added protection is desperate. Giving our first responders protection as a class under the Illinois Hate Crimes law will allow prosecutors to increase the penalties for simple batteries (like rock throwing) and acts of trespass (like the Compton hospital mob) that target our law enforcement heroes and their families.

Antifa and other radicals have declared war on our law enforcement community. Staying neutral is no longer an option. Join with me in siding with our first responders and urging Senate President Don Harmon to allow SB 1486 to receive a vote during the Fall Veto Session!

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